Go to Market and Sales Strategy

A pragmatic approach to define new products to be launched. Support to fine tune an existing product that need to be customized on customers needs. Reshape of old product that need to be updated. Adapt products on a specific country or market.

Definition of pricing, positioning, and strategy to launch a new product or to revamp an old one, through business case analysis. Sales channels analysis and definition. Sales force analysis. Incentive scheme creation.

Commercial Processes Design & Re-Design

Commercial processes design for new companies or branches. Re-design of commercial processes to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Tools analysis and selection to monitor performance and increase efficiency.

Project  Management

Creation and management of marketing and sales project to support innovation, improve effectiveness, increase efficiency or support business development strategy.

Temporary Sales Management

Sales force creation, sales force management, Key Clients management for start-up and companies (e.g. turnaround, new strategies, etc.) 

Some industries served

  • Business Services

  • TV

  • Non-Profits

  • ​Retail Sales

  • Internet

  • Publishing 

  • Telco & Media

  • Fashion & Luxury


Each organization has a unique mission and vision which leads to them formulating specific business goals, so we offer customized consulting deliverables based on clients' growth objectives. We work with you to understand your individual goals, growth plans and challenges to devise custom solutions to enable you overcome hurdles.